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  • Handy Deluxe Sewing Kit

    Handy Deluxe Sewing Kit

    Deluxe sewing kit in a compact zip closu

    From $4.53 To $5.44

  • Basic Sewing Kit

    Basic Sewing Kit

    Neat plastic sewing kit featuring 10 pre

    From $1.87 To $2.22

  • Lint Roller

    Lint Roller

    Lint roller with a secure cap which has

    From $1.14 To $1.26

  • Stadium Cushion

    Stadium Cushion

    Comfortable foam padded stadium cushion

    From $9.76 To $10.91

  • Wooden Wine Box

    Wooden Wine Box

    Presentation box for a bottle of wine wh

    From $7.84 To $9.44

  • Kensington Cheese Board

    Kensington Cheese Board

    Tasteful bamboo cheese board which swive

    From $20.96 To $23.52

  • Bamboo Flight Paddle

    Bamboo Flight Paddle

    Wooden serving paddle which holds four t

    From $14.53 To $15.44

  • Silicone Spatula

    Silicone Spatula

    Stylish silicone spatula with a matching

    From $4.35 To $5.26

  • 7-Piece Measuring Set

    7-Piece Measuring Set

    Seven piece self contained kitchen measu

    From $10.46 To $11.39

  • Collapsible Strainer

    Collapsible Strainer

    Hand held kitchen strainer which feature

    From $10.86 To $12.69

  • Salt & Pepper Mill

    Salt & Pepper Mill

    All in one stainless steel salt and pepp

    From $23.60 To $25.42

  • Leather-Look Sewing and Manicure Kit

    Leather-Look Sewing and Manicure Kit

    Deluxe combination sewing and manicure k

    From $7.84 To $8.77

  • Windscreen Sunshade

    Windscreen Sunshade

    Very handy sunshade for cars which fits

    From $9.28 To $13.23

  • Cotton Tea Towel

    Cotton Tea Towel

    Absorbent tea towel which is manufacture

    From $2.56 To $3.20

  • Cooling Mist Drink Bottle

    Cooling Mist Drink Bottle

    Radical 550ml drink bottle with a carry

    From $9.04 To $10.00

  • Car Sunshade Set

    Car Sunshade Set

    Set of two car sunshades for rear car do

    From $5.81 To $7.38

  • Tennessee Hip Flask

    Tennessee Hip Flask

    200ml stainless steel hip flask with a h

    From $5.74 To $6.38

  • Tumbling Tower

    Tumbling Tower

    Tumbling Tower is a game of physical ski

    From $20.16 To $22.08

  • Karma Reusable Food Wrap

    Karma Reusable Food Wrap

    National Geographic has estimated that e

    From $7.06 To $8.69

  • Pop Ice Block Mould

    Pop Ice Block Mould

    Ice block mould with a push on cap which

    From $1.76 To $2.02

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